2020 Altered Reality Comics (AR Comics)


AR Comics is the comic publishing division

of Altered Reality Entertainment.

AR Comics will be looking for artists to contribute to our current and future projects. We will accept leave behind portfolios, and we will be doing live reviews at the

Altered Reality Comics booth (times TBA).

What we’re looking for:

Sequential Artists: We are looking for people who can complete color-ready line art from either plots or full scripts. The ability to ink your own work is preferred.

Colorists: People with the ability to color line art, ink wash, and marker drawings digitally.

Cover Artists.

Please have 3-5 pages of sample sequential pages in addition to any other samples. For cover artists, please have 3-5 published or sample covers.

Please bring any other additional work that you think is your best! We look forward to seeing you there!

The BIGGEST show in the smallest state!