Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the VIP entrance? 

VIP ticket holders will have their own private entrance opposite the main entrance on the left side of the Dunkin Donuts Center to ensure easy entry and reentry as desired and to avoid the lines. 


Where do I pick up my VIP perks?

You can pick up your VIP bags at the Guest Services kiosk next to the box office in the Dunkin Donuts Center.


How do I get an early bird pass? 

To ensure everyone who gets an early bird pass gets in early, they have become part of the VIP pass only and will allow you access starting at 9:00AM through your own private VIP entrance. 


I don't like Ticketmaster. Where else can I buy tickets?

Toy Vault locations or at the Dunkin Donuts Box Office. We recommend you do that soon because once we are sold out, door sales will stop.


Got my badges in the mail, but where are my lanyards?

Those will be given to you by a volunteer as you walk in the door.


Is there a cost for autographs and photos?

Yes. All celebrities will charge for autographs and photos.


Will you be posting the cost of autographs?

Yes. We will be adding the prices as we receive them from agents.


What time will my favorite celebrity be signing autographs?

All the celebs will be signing all day at their tables unless they are on break or at their panel or listed otherwise.

Will you be posting a list of panels?

Yes. The schedule is released two weeks before the convention. 

Guest Panels are in the Omni Hotel ballrooms. Fan Panel

rooms are listed on the 5th floor of the convention center.

Video & Table Top Gaming

Locations to be announced soon.

Can I take photos at the table with a celebrity?

Maybe. Some celebrities will allow this but some celebrities will only offer professional photo ops. There will be signage as to who will and will not allow this and, yes, there will be a charge by the celebrity.


My favorite celebrity cancelled! I have a photo op! What do I do?

You will automatically receive a refund from us for you photo op as always stated in the guest section. You don't have to do a thing. It should return to via your original form of payment within ten to fourteen business days after the cancellation. A partial refund will be issued to those who purchased a group op for the portion of that guest only.A full group op will not be refunded.


Is there parking available?

Yes. There are many locations to park including the convention center, Providence Place mall and numerous parking garages. The fees vary per lot and per time length.

Can I wear a costume?

Yes. We encourage it! But, please keep in mind this is a family show and anyone wearing anything deemed inappropriate by our staff will be asked to change. Failure to do so will result in ejection from the convention.

Can I bring costume weapons with my costume?

Fake ones only! While we understand cosplay "weapons" are part of a costume, metal weapons, metal edges, projectile firing weapons, air-soft or real guns, knives, any real weapons at all, explosives and anything potentially harmful to our guests are not allowed and all weapons MUST be checked at the door before entering the show.Bats also not allowed.


Do I have to pay for panels?

Most panels are included with your admission. Certain seating options are only valid with VIP tickets. Panel rooms will be emptied after every large panel in the main panel room and the panels are first come first serve. NO CAMPING!


Can I bring my own items to be signed?

Yes! Most definitely! But, keep in mind, there will still be a charge for the autograph.


How old do I have be to attend the after parties?

21+ or over. Sorry, kiddies.


I have VIP ticket, does my child need one to?

Nope. If you child has a kids badge or is 5 and under, they can piggyback on your VIP pass for all of the perks. No worries. You did not waste your money.


What is a VIP Lounge?

TOP SECRET!… Oh, ok. We’ll tell you. The VIP Lounge is a designated room where VIP badge holders can sit and relax, socialise and compare notes with other VIP members. It’s a place to take your lunch to and sit and enjoy it without the craziness of the show for bit, a place to plan your next move on the floor and which autograph to get next or which panel to see and even a place to recharge that dying battery in your mobile phones. Try it once, you will be spoiled!


Will you have a mobile app?

Yes through the Apple Store and google Play Store

Both the Rhode Island Convention Center

and the Dunkin' Donuts Arena will be providing

"Sensory Reduced Areas" at the show sponsored

by Altered Reality Entertainment & Cardi's Furniture & Mattress.


The BIGGEST show in the smallest state!